Coronavirus in India : Everything you need to know.

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While India was considering itself safe from the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, recent news of 31 people affected by coronavirus in India as of March 6 in India has taken the country by a storm. Here’s what you need to know about the COVID-19 and how to be safe.

Emergency in coronavirus
Is this a real emergency?

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a recent virus outbreak that started from a seafood and meat market in Wuhan province of China. It started in late 2019 and is seen to be spreading rapidly from the past couple of months. It spread to almost 70 countries in the past couple of months including India despite all the efforts made by China to contain the disease.

COVID-19 is not something completely new though, it belongs to the coronavirus family of viruses which is also responsible for disease like common cold. More severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are also from the same category.

Do you have Coronavirus?

While it is still hard to differentiate between common cold and COVID-19 in its early days but it is still advised to get yourself tested if you’re feeling any of these symptoms. Some of the prominent symptoms of coronavirus are :

Symptoms of coronavirus
Symptoms of coronavirus
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

In case you feel these symptoms you should immediately visit your doctor and get yourself tested in very severe cases this can lead to Pneumonia or Bronchitis in some cases no symptoms are visible thus it is difficult to identify. Most cases are seen in adults and severe cases are seen in people with a weak immune system. Children are at lesser risk than others to get infected.

How to avoid getting infected from Coronavirus?

Tajmahal during coronavirus
Visitors at Taj Mahal after coronavirus outbreak

Even thought the disease is very contiguous and hard to stop from spreading we can still try our best to keep ourselves as safe as possible from getting infected.

  • Wash your hands frequently

You might think that your hands are not dirty but have you thought about all the places you might’ve touched. It’s advised to wash your hands frequently with soap to avoid getting infected also avoid touching your face, nose and eyes with your hand. In case you can’t find water and soap everywhere you should keep a hand sanitizer handy.

  • Avoid social gathering

Avoid going to big gathering or in crowded places or markets. We know it’s Holi season, the festival of joy but this year try to avoid playing holi as big gathering and all the colors can act as gateway for the virus to spread.

  • Cover your mouth

Covering your mouth with a mask is a good idea to avoid any unwanted transmission of infections. There are a variety of masks available in market as the news broke the demand for masks has increased drastically in India. While mask is not a cure it can help you and others to not get infected. Even though wearing masks for healthy people is not necessary but in case you feel any symptoms you should wear a mask. A N95 mask is much more effective.

  • Don’t believe everything

While it is true that the disease is dangerous but you should not believe in everything that you hear and see. Panic is the last thing that could help to overcome this epidemic. Government is doing its best to spread awareness about coronavirus. Only believe trusted sources and don’t panic.

Stay safe from coronavirus

Is there a cure for Coronavirus?

Doctors testing for coronavirus
Doctors in hospitals testing for coronavirus

While it might seem very scary that your body is the only defense to the virus but it stands true. Till today there is no vaccine or medication to treat coronavirus and antibiotics won’t work in case you’re infected as it is a virus and antibiotics cannot help from a virus. The only possible treatment is your immune system. While it might sound crazy but you should do the same things that you’d do in a normal flu in order to reduce the effects of coronavirus. Drink plenty of fluid and get plenty of rest. In case you feel uneasy or have breathing issues contact a doctor immediately.

There is no specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19. People with COVID-19 can seek medical care to help relieve symptoms.

Indian Government on coronavirus

Government poster for coronavirus

While the disease has caused panic and havoc among the citizens of India. The government is trying it’s best to make the people aware of Do’s and Dont’s. Government has started campaigns to help people to deal with this situation and also provide enough support in case it is needed.

The government has issued advisories on travel and mass gathering also government is running many ad campaigns on Television and public transports to make people aware of all the necessary information on coronavirus in India.

S. No.Name of State / UTTotal Confirmed cases (Indian National)Total Confirmed cases ( foreign national )
6Uttar Pradesh80
Total number of confirmed cases in India1516
Children studying during coronavirus
Students studying while wearing masks

Government is also screening all the passengers coming to India to avoid anyone to bring coronavirus from other countries. Over 7,26,122 have been screened so far at the airports across the country.

Government policy for the suspected victims

Government has formulated a defined strategy on how the suspected victims would be quarantined and treated.

Suspected victims policy coronavirus

For further help or queries regarding coronavirus you can contact at

The Helpline Number for corona-virus : +91-11-23978046

The Helpline Email ID for corona-virus : [email protected]

Website :

government contact for coronavirus
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