Lose Weight Fast : 7 Interesting tips to lose weight

lose weight fast
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Feeling overweight? That’s a problem a lot of us face in our day to day life. We look for tips to lose weight fast but it doesn’t work, right? It because nothing in this world is instant. You can lose weight fast but be realistic and the fastest way to lose weight is to be dedicated. Here are 7 tips that will help you bring the scale down.

Go out, Walk.

weight loss walking

This is no bummer. You might’ve heard it a million times already and you also thought about it but couldn’t do it. Make a determination that every morning you’d out in a park, garden, beach or even the footpath and jog for at least 30 minutes. Walking helps you to burn more fat, It helps to improve your cardiovascular activities making you much more active. This in turn helps you to lose weight fast. If you can’t make it in one go? Divide your time do a 15-15 minute walk twice a day.

Add Protein to your diet

weight loss protein

Having enough protein is essential for our body to grow properly. Protein can boost you calorie expenditure by 80-100 calories per day. Having more protein also results in suppressing the hunger signals from your brain. Your brain always fool you to eat more than you should.

Protein source include : Meat, Eggs & other animal products. If you’re a vegetarian than you can increase the intake of Beans, Nuts, Cheese etc.

Add Fibers to your diet

wright loss fiber foods
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Studies show that high fiber diet can result in fast weight loss. It helps you to feel full and stop your brain from thinking about food. On an average females require 25 grams of fiber per day and males require 38 grams!

Good sources include barley, oatmeal, beans, nuts, and fruits such as apples, berries, citrus fruits, and pears.

Drink plenty of water

weight loss water

Staying well hydrated is essential for weight loss. In fact a study shows that drinking water half hour before your meal can help in speed of weight reduction by 33%. Also replacing your sugar filled drinks with water is a great idea. Water also helps you improve your performance and helps to remove toxins from your system. Water also suppresses the hunger signals results in a lesser appettite.

Drink coffee or tea

green tea wright loss

Black coffer or green tea helps immensely in boosting your metabolism up to 3-11%. Black coffee can also help in burning fats. It stimulates the nervous system to break down fat cells and use them as energy source. Studies also suggests that green tea can also burn fat.


weight loss gym

Hit the gym that you’ve been ignoring since childhood. Lifting weight, treadmill, abs workout etc are few exercises that can help you reduce that belly fat fast. Try to go to the gym at least 4 days a week. If you’re not sure about the exercise as your trainer to guide you. Healthy diet with proper exercise is the best way to lose weight. The result might not be instant but you should not give up results will eventually show up.

Get enough sleep

weight loss sleep

Last but not the least, Sleep. Sleep is more important than you might think. Sleep deprivation can increase your appetite which means your body will demand more food. Sleep deprivation also increases stress which also results in increase in appetite. Controlling your stress level is very important and sleep plays a vital role in it. Sleep for at least 8 hours a day. People who get less sleep constantly have high chances of diabetes. They also show higher insulin and glucose levels. This results in fat buildup.

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