8 Reasons Why Coronavirus Is Trigerring Mental Health issues

coronavirus mental health
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Coronavirus or covid-19 has made a big impact on the economy and markets worldwide. It has also affected people physically as well as mentally. Coronavirus has in fact affected people’s mental health. The scale of the pandemic has triggered many mental health issues. This is because of following reasons :

1. Despair

People are feeling helpless. People have started to lose hope which makes them think that they are not safe. “What will happen if I get infected?” This question is eating people from inside as they think if they get infected there is no chance of survival.

The fear in everyone’s mind is making the virus more dangerous. On the other hand there is still no cure found to control this virus making it difficult for people to stay calm.

2. From Living to Surviving

coronavirus mental health

It feels like we are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The one who can run away survives. Everyone is thinking of all the possible ways to avoid getting infected as they think that getting infected from coronavirus will mean death.

While there is no cure but the disease is not so deadly. It has a mortality rate of only 2%. The worldwide chaos has made people think that they are running a race against death.

3. Increased Healthy Anxiety 

coronavirus health anxiety

Health anxiety or Hypochondria is a medical condition of having irrational and obsessive worry about having a serious health problem. This condition causes the brain to think that they are sick even when there are no symptoms or just minor symptoms.

People having normal cold and flu start to think that they have coronavirus which increases their fear in mind which can result in mental trauma or depression.

4. Decreased Job Security

coronavirus job security

We might think that coronavirus can only affect us physically but that’s not true. Due to the coronavirus outbreak people are fearing that they might not have their job. The global crisis because of coronavirus has forced companies to cut down jobs in order to mitigate their losses.

54% of the professionals were concerned about their job security in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Expedia, Cisco, Uber and Intel are some of the companies where employees are most concerned about their jobs.

5. Fear of losing loved ones

coronavirus mental health issues

People are not just worrying about themselves but they’re also worried about their loved ones. What if their family or friends get infected, what if they lose their loved ones because of coronavirus? This makes people anxious and feeling worried. This can affect the mental health of an individual.

Apart from this people also fear that one infected person can infect the whole family which can be really dangerous.

6. Socially Withdrawn

coronavirus mental health

If you’re someone who spends most of the time outside meeting other people. It must be hard for you to stay away from people. In the event of coronavirus spreading from person to person, governments all around the world have requested people to stay away from gatherings and other events.

People who have an extroverted nature feel locked down due to this.

7. Decreased Financial Security

coronavirus mental health

Finances have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak. People feel that they will have to spend a lot to be safe from this virus. On the other hand world markets and job security is going down.

People are worried if they will be able to make their day’s bread. There are no buyers on streets, no one is going to malls, theatres, sports etc. Everyone’s business is on a standstill. 

8. Loneliness

coronavirus mental health loneliness

Loneliness has been a major contributor to global mental health issues. Not being able to share thoughts with someone affects a person’s mental health to a great extent. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus people are helpless. They are being quarantined in their own home. They can’t go out and can’t share their thoughts with anyone. This has left people in a state of trauma and despair.

Our Advice

Coronavirus has left us all worried but this is a time to not worry as worrying will only make the matters worse. We request our readers to stay updated with the news. Don’t believe any hoax. Think positive, there have been pandemics before and we’ve overcome them successfully. We will overcome this one as well we need to support each other and stay positive.

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